Who am I?


I am a highly energized, creative thinker and problem solver. In total I have more than 8 years of experience in  support, design and development of successful websites.

I bring enthusiasm to projects I work on and my passion for Software Development has led me to explore and  specialize in content management aided by ASP.NET & EPiServer

Personally,  I value opportunities to work with complex database systems and I enjoy the challenges of finding solutions whilst working with others to understand their data and business processes.


Project Manager/Enterprise Application Executive at Chartered Accountants Ireland
August 2013 – Present (10 months)

Currently I work with Chartered Accountants Ireland on the implementation of a large enterprise system implementation to consolidate the business activities of the Institute with one system. It is scheduled for completion in mid-2015.  It’s given me the opportunity to  work in a busy, technology rich environment with a focus  on getting the technology to work seamlessly with business processes and stake holders.


Previous to my current role. I was technical and still maintain to be a part time coder.  More details of this can be found on my LinkedIn Profile.

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